Sports (motorsports accident): Sam

Sam sustained his brain injury aged seven when he was involved in a motocross accident. Although his family were told he would probably not survive, the now 18-year-old has achieved a lot including a travelling adventure. This is his story.

Published: January 2015. Date of brain injury: 2004 (child aged 7 years). Prior to his accident, Sam was a confident, happy and popular boy who loved football and motocross racing. On April 2004 he was hit by two bikes during a motocross event. He lost consciousness and was airlifted to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and spent two weeks in Paediatric Intensive Care. Sam's parents were advised that he had sustained a very serious brain injury and a fractured left elbow. Initially doctors said it was unlikely that Sam would survive and that if he did, he would have very little quality of life.

Poor quality of life? Proving this wrong

Despite the devastating news the family were given Sam was in fact discharged home to the care of his parents in June 2004. Very gradually he began to respond. After tremendous family support and a period of six months intensive rehabilitation at a specialist centre, Sam surpassed all expectations by returning to primary school in October 2005. Sam remained at school and as a teenager has volunteered at a local charity shop to gain experience in the working environment.

Milestones and a travelling adventure

Sam has passed his driving test and recently had his first experience of independent travel to America. He said: "I flew to New York with a friend and we met up with an amazing bunch of people. The sightseeing was amazing! "I slept out under the stars in tents and then at hostels. We went go-karting in Nashville, and stayed opposite Graceland in a campsite which my mum was very excited about. "My confidence really grew as the trip went on and we all worked together chipping in with cooking. I held an alligator on a swamp tour in New Orleans and went to NASA Space Centre. "The things I did were amazing, such as getting up to watch the sun rise and sleeping beneath the stars at the NASA Space Centre. I had the best time of my life and didn't want it to end."

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