Stroke: Daisy, part 2

Daisy, aged 9, talks about her stroke in a Q&A.

Published: February 2015. Child’s age at time of brain injury: 21 months.  
As a 21-month-old baby, Daisy Prichard suffered a stroke and brain injury during heart surgery. Her family were told she would not progress much beyond the abilities of a baby for the rest of her life, with little progression in walking and communicating. However Daisy, now nine, is a very sociable young lady who enjoys riding her pony and having fun with family and friends. » Read Daisy and Eileen's full story here.


Q: How would you describe yourself in one sentence? A: Happy, funny, friendly, lovely and strong. In fact, I'm stronger than some of my friends. Q: Do you think your stroke and brain injury has helped create the person you are?  A: I think the stroke made me stronger and more determined. Q: What are your biggest achievements in life? A: Carrying Freya, my niece, one-handed. Q: Have you come up with any strategies that help you overcome the effects of your brain injury? A: I am good with no routines! I like to sing and swimming relaxes me, as does seeing Dollar, my pony.

Q: Have you got any targets in life that you think have been made more difficult because of your stoke/brain injury but that you are still going to go for and achieve?

A: I am just me. I will do the best I can. Q: Is there anything you wished adults or friends would do differently or understood more about the effects of your stroke/brain injury? A: My family treat me the same as any other person. Mum loves me. > Daisy's mum, Eileen, tells us that more awareness of childhood stroke is needed. Read her story here. Q: If you could say something to any other girls or boys your age who have been through a similar experience, what would it be?  A: Don't give up. Q: What are your dreams for the future?  A: I'm going to be a hairdresser and go to college.
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