Brain bleed: Jack

Mum Laura talks about her son’s brain injury at the age of seven weeks. He is now aged 5.

Published: September 2018. Date of brain injury: May 2013 (baby aged 7 weeks).    In May 2013, Jack suffered bleeding on the brain following trauma. I was devastated and felt hopeless and heartbroken. I knew this was life changing. The doctors at the hospital were really good at explaining everything. Jack was in hospital the first time for three weeks, then two weeks later he went back in for two weeks as he had a re bleed.  Since my child received a brain injury life has changed for the worst. It hasn’t just affected Jack but has affected the whole family. Jack suffers with emotional regulation, he’s very impulsive, he has memory loss, and no sense of danger. To other people Jack looks the same as any other child. But the people that are close to us know about his brain injury and they are very supportive and sympathetic to our situation. To help Jack we use several strategies. He has rest breaks from his daily activities, we explain things slowly and have a lot of repetitive communication. We also use visual aids, explaining our day, so Jack knows what to expect and if there are any changes we are prepared for a negative reaction from Jack. I hope Jack succeeds at anything he wants to. I hope he does extremely well in school and is able to get a good job when he’s older. Life isn’t easy but my advice to other parents who have a child who has suffered a brain injury are to remember the positives of your child when you’re having a negative day.
Jack H farm and home
Jack and his sister
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