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We've tried to include information on this site that will be helpful to families.

But there's no replacement for the first-hand experience of families who understand the challenges of caring for a child with an acquired brain injury. We are grateful to the families who have shared their stories here.If you'd like to find more general information about acquired brain injury at any time, you can find it here.If you have a story to share, email us here or fill out our form.

NEW RTA: Nieve

At 12 years old Nieve was knocked down by a car. Dad Rob talks about hospital, rehabilitation at The Children's Trust and life at home.
Haydn thumbnail

NEW RTA: Haydn

Haydn was 15 when he was knocked off his bike by a car in August 2018, resulting in a major brain injury. Mum Amanda shares their story.

Abscess: Chay

Samantha’s son Chay was 14 years old when he suffered an abscess to his right frontal lobe, resulting in a brain injury.
Jessie tells her story to the Brain Injury Hub

Abscess: Jessie

Jessie was seven when she suffered an abscess on right frontal lobe of her brain.

Abscess: Rhodri

A misdiagnosis of ‘not’ having an ear infection resulted in a brain injury after the infection went on to cause a brain abscess on the temporal lobe.

Assault: Holly

Kelly Hallett speaks of the dangers of head injuries.

Assault: Mike

Mike from Australia sustained a brain injury after an assault 10 years ago when he was 19 years old.

Asthma: Geraint

Geraint was 11 when he suffered an asthma attack that resulted in an acquired brain injury.

AVM: Elle

Elle Davidson from West Midlands had achieved 12 A* GCSE'S. She was making plans to go to Oxford or Cambridge University when she collapsed with an undiagnosed symptomless condition she’d had, which resulted in a brain injury.

AVM: Jazmin

Jazmin was seven years old when an undiagnosed symptomless condition resulted in a brain injury. Mum Trinny shares their story.

Blow to head: Isaac

A kick from a horse left eight-year-old Isaac with a brain injury. Since then Isaac has teamed up with paralympic gold-medalist David Weir and completed his first Para-tri.
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Brain bleed: Jack

Mum Laura talks about her son's brain injury at seven weeks. Now 5, she talks about life since.

Brain haemorrhage: Charlotte part 1

Ann’s daughter Charlotte had a brain haemorrhage while on holiday with her family.
Charlotte age 21

Brain haemorrhage: Charlotte part 2

Charlotte, now 21, looks back on the past decade following a brain haemorrhage aged 11.
Karen and Paul

Brain haemorrhage: Paul

Karen and Marks’s son Paul had a brain haemorrhage when he was nine.
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Brain tumour: Alex B

Trouble playing his guitar was one thing that led Alex to seek help for what turned out to be a brain tumour. Here he shares his story.

Brain Tumour: Emilie

Emilie was 15 when a brain tumour operation left her with a brain injury.

Brain tumour: Ethan part 1

After Ethan complained of headaches and fatigue, he was diagnosed with an ear infection when in fact it was a brain tumour. His mum, Tina, talks about the devastating news and her son's extremely brave journey of recovery.
Ethan thumbnail

Brain tumour: Ethan part 2

Ethan, now 14, had a brain tumour aged 7. His mum Tina talks about Ethan’s rehabilitation since then.
Rebekah hospital

Brain tumour: Rebekah

Rebekah was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 15. Aged 20 she talks about the past few years and the challenges overcome.

Brain tumour: Mikey

Mikey was diagnosed with a brain tumour just before Christmas 2011 when he was just seven years old. He has undergone three operations to remove the tumour, chemotherapy courses, proton radiotherapy and had a shunt fitted to drain fluid from his brain..
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Encephalitis: Amelia

Amelia was eight years old when she was diagnosed with ADEM, a rare type of autoimmune encephalitis.

Encephalitis: Liz

Liz developed encephalitis shortly after finishing university, which left her with a brain injury

Encephalitis: Millie part 1

Millie was only 18 months when severe seizures turned out to be encephalitis, which resulted in a brain injury. Here her mum Sam De Vere tells their story
Millie at party

Encephalitis: Millie part 2

Millie was 18 months old when encephalitis resulted in a brain injury. Millie is now eight – we caught up with mum Sam.

Epilepsy: Addison

Life changed for Katie and her partner when one of their twin girls had a brain injury. A journey of sibling support through rehabilitation and recovery.

Epilepsy: Addison part 2

Addie, now 6, was diagnosed with epilepsy and had a brain injury just before her second birthday.

Fall: Isabella

Isabella Woodfine from Lincoln was playing at the park when an accident left her with a brain injury at four years old.
Josef scooting

FALL: Josef

Josef had a brain injury, aged 12, when he fell off his scooter.

Fall: Layton-kane

Mum Amy talks about the effects of her son’s brain injury after he fell at the age of three.
Michael G thumbnail

Fall: Michael

At age 16 Michael fell down some very steep steps and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Neonatal meningitis: Demi

Demi was only three weeks old when she contracted neonatal meningitis leaving her profoundly deaf.
Melissa, Theo and Xander

Other: Theo and Xander

Theo and Xander both have complex needs, which include acquired brain injury from when they were very young

Oxygen deprivation: Jago

This is Jago's story as told by his parents, Lyn and Barney Worrall, following a near-drowning accident.

PHACE syndrome: Molly

Katie’s daughter Molly has a rare condition called PHACE syndrome.
Alfie Russell

RTA: Alfie

At the age of 10, Alfie Russell had rehabilitation following a car accident. Eighteen years later, he spoke to a large audience about what he has achieved.

RTA: Catherine

Debbie Train tells her story; the joy of having her gorgeous triplets, one of whom, Jo, would need lifetime care. But she also tells of her tragedy at losing her husband in an accident which left one of the triplets, Catherine, with a brain injury. Debbie has since watched her determined daughter succeed in so much...

RTA: Charlie

At the age of 15 Charlie was starting out as a professional football player when he was knocked down by a car that left him with a brain injury.

RTA: Charlotte

Charlotte sustained a brain injury in a car accident when she was 15

RTA: Christina

Christina Corp was 17 when she was involved in a horrific car accident that resulted in a brain injury. The 28-year-old from Fareham tells us her story of how people wrongly treat her as incapable and of her joy at getting married.

RTA: Elliott

12-year-old Elliott sustained a brain injury after he was hit by a car while walking home from school

RTA: Hayley

Hayley is in a vegetative state – mother Kellie has become familiar with her daughter's emotions and signs of what she needs, although she cannot communicate by talking.

RTA: Jasmine

Jasmine was eight years old when she was left with a severe brain injury after a road traffic accident.
Joe W

RTA: Joe

Joe had a head injury in June 2011 following a road traffic accident.
John and Josh

RTA: Josh

John’s son Josh was involved in road traffic accident when he was nine.
Kai thumbnail

RTA: Kai

Kai was left with a brain injury when he was hit by a driver using his mobile.

RTA: Labeebah

Labeebah was hit by a car as a toddler and is continuing to recover three years on

RTA: Melissa

Barbara's daughter Melissa was eight years old when she sustained multiple brain injuries in 2009.

RTA: Rhea-Olivia

Rhea-Olivia was given a 1% chance of survival after being involved a car accident and sustaining a brain injury aged two.

RTA: Rory

Rory was 12 when he sustained a brain injury after being knocked down by a van. Christine explains how life has changed for the family.

RTA: Ryan

Mark's son Ryan was hit by a van as he was cycling to work when he was 16.
Sam at the piano

RTA: Sam

Stephen and Brenda's daughter Sam was involved in a traffic accident when she was 17.

RTA: Sam C

Sam Challenger, from Poole, was 18-years-old when he was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with a brain injury and a broken back.

RTA: Sophie

Sophie sustained a serious brain injury while on holiday in 2013..

RTA: Teni

Teni was two-years-old when she was involved in a car accident that left her with spinal and cervical injuries as well as a brain injury.
Vic and Tom

RTA: Tom

Vic’s grandson Tom was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury.
Sam in 2020

Sports (motorsports accident): Sam

Sam was 15 when a speedway racing accident left him with a serious brain injury. Mum Claire shares their story.

Sports (motorsports accident): Sam

Sam sustained his brain injury aged seven when he was involved in a motocross accident.
Chloe thumbnail

Seizure: Chloe

Mum Sara looks back at Chloe's hospital experience and shares her progress following her brain injury.

Sports (skiing accident): Chas

A skiing accident in France left Chas with a brain injury when he was 11

Stroke: Bethany part 1

Teenager Bethany Sinfield woke in the middle of the night unable to swallow. She was having a stroke which resulted in catastrophic brain injury..

Stroke: Bethany part 2

A Q&A from Bethany, who was 17 when she suffered a stroke leaving her with a brain injury.

Stroke: Connor

Connor Lynes was 14 when a rugby tackle led to a blood clot on his brain stem and left him with a brain injury.

Stroke: Connor part 2

Connor had a stroke four years ago - ever since he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of childhood stroke and brain injury.

Stroke: Daisy part 1

Daisy, now nine, suffered a stroke and brain injury during heart surgery as a toddler

Stroke: Daisy part 2

Daisy: a Q&A session with youngster about her brain injury

Stroke: Daisy part 3

Daisy, now 12, and her mum Eileen tell us about their lives and what they enjoy. Daisy had a stroke when she was a baby.

Stroke: Elizabeth

At the age of 13, Elizabeth collapsed following a severe headache. She had suffered a stroke. Five years on, mum Danielle talks about the impact on the family.
Harrison who had a stroke

Stroke: Harrison

Harrison had a stroke at the age of six. Mum Marie talks about the effects and finding support.

Stroke: Harry

At the age of 16, Harry was diagnosed with a carotid artery dissection (damage to the arteries in the neck)

Stroke: Sofia-Rose

Five-year-old Sofia-Rose had a stroke at birth but faces challenges with a smile on her face and enjoys school, fashion and spreading awareness. Mum Sarah shares their story.