Youngster will remain at mainstream school following brain injury

Adam McQuillan's family campaigned against council's decision following his extraordinary progress.

The 11-year-old from Manchester was knocked down by a car three years ago and was left with severe brain injury. However he is now able to walk independently, can use his formerly paralysed arm and also communicate by spelling out words. Adam had returned to primary school, but the local authority, Oldham Council then ruled he should move to a school for children with special needs. But his parents believed he had made such extraordinary progress he should be allowed to remain in mainstream education. Two thousand friends, family members and supporters signed a petition during the campaign - which a tribunal has now upheld. Returning to St Anne's Primary to be with his pals had been top of Adam's Christmas list. Mum Anita said: "Finding out we have won the appeal couldn't have come any closer to Christmas and couldn't make us feel any better. "It was what Adam wanted most for Christmas. He has worked so hard to catch up with his maths and English, he has done everything they've asked and more," said his mum, Anita. "He'll now do the next six months in a mainstream primary school and then we're looking at a mainstream secondary next September. "I think this will help him make more massive improvements and help his confidence because he has made a lot of friends at his school and we didn't want those bonds to be broken." Read the full story. 
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