Young woman talks about brain injury sustained as a teenager

Nicki Freeman suffered an injury in a 2010 car crash, aged 17, which led to doctors having to remove the front of her skull to treat.

Nicki, from St Albans, stood up in front of nearly 300 people to give a special Christmas reading for a charity. After five years of rehabilitation, she spoke for the National Brain Appeal at their annual Christmas concert in St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. The now-24-year-old was joined by actors Joanna David and Nichola McAuliffe, who are both also brain injury survivors, as well as fellow charity patrons Anthony Calf and Kevin Eldon. Nicki’s father Peter Freeman said: “Seeing Nicki take to the stage and read so calmly and beautifully was a very special and proud moment for her mother Pauline and me. “We are eternally grateful to the National Hospital for neurology and neurosurgery for saving our daughter’s life and to all those who have generously supported the National Brain Appeal, they are a crucial part of our happy outcome.”
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