Epilepsy Action's young person challenge

Epilepsy Action are asking young people affected by epilepsy to create a media project using film, graphics, music and drama to explore different aspects of their epilepsy.  As part of the Epilepsy Action Weekend-for-All young people will be working together with multi-media professionals to produce a project which they will present on the final afternoon. Over the weekend there will be the option for young people to use drama, podcasting, graphics, photography and filming to create a piece which they can then edit together to make the final project. The weekend will not only give young people a chance to meet and share their experiences with others affected by epilepsy but also to learn a wide range of new skills from the professionals. It will provide a great opportunity for parents and siblings to find out more about epilepsy, talk to professionals and meet other families affected by the condition in a relaxed and fun environment. The event is taking place from Friday 31st October 2014 to Sunday 2nd November 2014.  You can find out more about the weekend and book your place here.
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