Young people scared of disclosing disability to employers

A new survey released to BBC 5 live revealed three-quarters of disabled students are afraid to let potential employers know about their disability.

Jonathan, who has autism, explains why chooses to tell potential employers
The research was conducted by Great With Disability, providers on advice on disability and employment. In a survey of more than 1000 disabled students and graduates:
  • 76% of respondents are concerned about informing a potential employer of their disability or health condition
  • 77% fear they will be discriminated against
  • 72% worry that they will be a nuisance to employers
  • Those with mental health conditions are least likely to disclose

Jonathan Andrews, who has autism explains why he chooses to tell potential employers: “Often I will only ask that my interviewers and assessors be made aware of my autism, and how it might affect my performance in an interview, allowing them to look past certain traits, avoid misinterpreting how I come across, and focus instead on the content of my answers.” » Read more about what Jonathan thinks on the subject.
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