Young man’s experience of traumatic brain injury published in memoir

Ben Again: the inspirational memoir of traumatic brain injury survivor authored by Ben Clench tells the story of his life following a road traffic accident in 2010. 


At the age of 27 Ben was on holiday with his girlfriend, Jazz, in the Dominican Republic when they were hit by a car. Jazz was killed instantly while Ben sustained serious head injuries that left him in a coma for some weeks. After being transferred back to an intensive care unit in the UK, Ben started to gradually regain consciousness, but was left with no memory and limited movement. The story of his rehabilitation is told not only by Ben, but through the contributions of 25 others and charts how he recovered from a near-vegetative and amnesiac state to regain his sense of self, gain a Master’s degree, run a half-marathon and learn to live again. The book has been published by Unbound, a crowdfunding publisher and it is available to buy on Amazon. To find out more click here.
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