Young Epilepsy Champion Awards 2015

Last Thursday Clair from the Brain Injury Hub team was lucky enough to be invited to the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards at City Hall in London.  Young Epilepsy are a national charity working to improve the lives of children and young people living with epilepsy.

It was the third annual Champions award and fell on Purple Day, an international day to raise awareness of epilepsy and it was a fantastic way to celebrate it.  In this blog she shares some of the highlights of the evening.

Nominees for the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards 2015
It was an evening full of inspirational stories with all the nominees having made a huge difference to the lives of children and young people living with epilepsy.   We’d like to congratulate all the nominees for their hard work and determination. The evening was hosted by Nicholas Owen who ensured the night ran like clockwork and was also supported by other celebrities including Olympian James Cracknell, Eastenders actors Cheryl Fergison and Himesh Patel, Athlete Dai Green and footballer Leon Legge. James Cracknell OBE said
I’m thrilled to be back at the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards this year to cheer on the Champions once again.  Everyone in the audience is working tirelessly to change children’s and young people’s lives that are affected by epilepsy.  I salute them and everything they are doing."
I’d just like to mention a few of the award winners.  These include:
Sienna Alderley
Sienna Alderley
Five year old Sienna Alderley won the Bravery Award after saving her mother’s life by calling 999 when she was having a seizure. Ben Wilson won the Bright Star Award for demonstrating bravery and courage after traveling to Switzerland to undergo a revolutionary new surgery. Alyce-Jayne Stockdale won the Shining Star Award for never letting her epilepsy get in the way of life and using her love of horse riding to raise over £800 for Young Epilepsy.
Owen Thurston
Owen Thurston
Owen Thurston won the Inspirational Champion Award for his dedication to continuing to raise awareness and funds to help others with epilepsy. Zoe Reid won the Supporting the Community Award for the group which she started in Edinburgh for young people aged 11 to 18 with epilepsy. Ann-Marnie Row, a teacher, won the Guiding Light Award for improving the school life of Toby by helping him build learning and social skills. It was a wonderful night and showed the real progress being made in the world of epilepsy helping to build awareness and understanding of a condition which is often misunderstood and helping break down the barriers of stigma often attached to it. You can find out more about epilepsy and some of the psychological and social issues young people living with it have to face in our Purple Day blog here.
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