X+Y: a formula for love?

Our thoughts on movie about teen who overcomes challenges of Asperger Syndrome.

By Maria Coyle, information editor, Brain Injury Hub   Last week I seen a preview of X + Y; a movie based on a true story about a teenager who has Aspergers Sydrome. Nathan's form of autism means he has difficulty with social interaction and displaying his emotions. However he has an amazing gift in mathematics and competes in an international competition. It was a really though-provoking watch and enlightened me on Aspergers.  The movie is lightly based on Daniel Lightwing from Yorkshire. When I learned this I couldn't help but do a little internet researching to find out about the real life Nathan and the background of the movie.  Asa Butterfield, (known for his starring roles in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), plays the lead character and spent the day with Daniel before filming to help his portrayal. Daniel's father, David has said in an interview Asa has captured his son's idiosyncrasies and mannerisms. The film undoubtedly takes hold of the audience's emotions throughout. It's upsetting to see Nathan's mother receive no affection from her son no matter how she tries. One poignant scene of physical gesture does mark his steps towards overcoming his difficulties and beginning to display his emotions. Mirroring Daniel's life, Nathan meets a girl. He is finally able to accepts that the feelings he has are attraction. Daniel who is now married to Yan was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as a child. Despite his difficulties, Daniel undertook impressive university studies and worked for Google.
The film is based on Daniel Lightwing
I would recommend this movie, it was a great watch.  But , aside from entertainment value, I think movies like this are really important at spreading awareness of such conditions and encouraging empathy and understanding among others. I imagine too, if I was a child or parent in a similar situation it would reassure me in some sort of way that I wasn't alone and that a condition doesn't have to stand in the way of success. Let us know what you think. X+Y is released on March 13. Watch the trailer below. 
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