World Cup raises concerns about concussion risk

The footballers' union, has called for an investigation into concussion protocols.

It follows incidents during the World Cup where footballers played on after appearing to be concussed. An editorial in The Lancet Neurology says these decisions on whether footballers can return to pitch after a head injury should not be made "by those with a vested interest". independent doctor, and not the player or coach. "Because signs and symptoms of concussion can be delayed, removing an athlete when there is any suspicion of injury would seem to be the safest approach," the journal editors wrote. They refer to a recent World Cup group match against England, when Uruguay's Alvaro Pereira returned to the pitch after appearing to be knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. Pereira admitted to arguing with his team doctor, demanding that he should be allowed to continue playing. The editors make the point that the decision on the player's "fitness to play" should not have been left in the hands of the Uruguayan team doctor and team officials. Instead, "return-to-play decisions should be made on an individual basis", they said. Read the full story.
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