We need your help to name our new resource!

We are in the final stages of creating a new childhood brain injury resource to help parents and carers.

The resource will be a small folder for parents to fill in and personalise to take with them to their child’s hospital appointments and will contain prompt cards with questions you might want to ask.  We’ve had lots of input from clinicians, doctors and parents for this resource. But we need your help to decide on the final name which will be printed on the outside of the folder, we have three possible titles to choose from:
  • Brainfax: Our Planner
  • Our Journey: A resource to support families of a child with acquired brain injury
  • Our Brainfile: A resource to support families of a child with acquired brain injury
Let us know which title you like best in our latest Brain Injury Hub poll on the right hand side of this page or please leave us any other comments you have on this resource. The folder will be split into these four sections:
  • All about me section – to ensure professionals know your child’s needs and preferences
  • The child’s emergency and medical details
  • Prompt cards for on want to ask at appointments
  • A useful contacts section
Parent Resource
There will be additional pages and extra specialist resources available to print from our website to add to the folder. The folder is charitably funded and will be available for free in the coming months on our website.
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