“We are being realistic and there's still a long journey ahead.”

**We will soon be adding an update on Rhea-Olivia's story as she has since returned home and is continuing to recover. Watch this space.**

Mother talks openly about her daughter’s journey of rehabilitation following a brain injury.


Rhea-Olivia Thomas was given just one percent chance of survival after being involved in a car crash. However the three-year-old beat the odds and is now receiving intensive rehabilitation for a brain injury which resulted from the accident.  Her mum, Sotanis Thomas has described the experience of having to watch her daughter meet massive milestone.  “Rhea-Olivia is improving every day and my hope is that she might walk again on her own.  "I'm watching my baby learn to walk all over again. But it's amazing and I am so proud with every step she takes in her recovery.  "These steps and every small improvement are precious and cherished."  Read the full story.
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