Virgin Atlantic launches Hidden Disabilities scheme

The airline has designed a special symbol that will show anyone in a Virgin Atlantic uniform that extra assistance is needed.

Staff have been trained to ask how they can help. The symbol can be:
  • printed in the form of a bookmark and put inside a passport;
  • photographed with the customer’s phone then shown to staff along the way;
  • worn as a badge, which can be picked up from any Virgin Atlantic desk at the airport.
The airline already offers support through a dedicated special assistance team but given that airports and aircraft cabins are busy environments and hidden disabilities are harder for staff to recognise, the special symbol has been developed. A film has also been made about the scheme, available to view here. Sara Marchant, accessibility manager, London Gatwick Airport, said: “By Virgin launching this initiative so that people are aware of passengers who need extra help on the flight itself that’s going to be a massive help.” As reported in The Independent, Geraldine Lundy, passenger accessibility manager at Virgin Atlantic, said: “We are committed to giving all customers easier access to travel. The Hidden Disabilities scheme is one of a series of initiatives that Virgin Atlantic is planning on introducing over the coming years, to help those with disabilities overcome any key challenges they may face.”
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