Vegetative and minimally conscious states: A family resource

A unique online resource for family members of people with severe forms of brain injury has been launched.

Featuring over 250 in-depth interview film clips, a new section on HealthTalkOnline website explores family experiences of having a relative in a vegetative or minimally conscious state. It explains key terms, reflects on the challenging choices families confront and outlines the clinical and legal context of decision-making about medical treatment. Gunars Libeks features as one of the interviewees. His sister was in a permanent vegetative state. He said: "The main reason for participating in this project has been to ensure that no other family in the future has to start with a blank sheet of paper. "In our case, for a period of 36 months, we as a family did not manage the best interests of my sister and neither did the medical professionals." The resource arose from the research of Professor Celia Kitzinger and Professor Jenny Kitzinger, Co-Directors of the York-Cardiff Chronic Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre. It is now a section on the award-winning charity website Visit the website and watch the interviews here.
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