TV mogul’s teenage son battles brain tumour

Cameron Burnett is the son of Mark Burnett, the man behind The Apprentice, Survivor and The Voice.

Close: Mark Burnett stands between his sons, Cameron (left) and James (right) on a climbing expedition. After Cameron was diagnosed with a brain tumor, his brother posted the picture with the message: 'Top of the mountain, you can climb this one too'
The 16-year-old underwent surgery for the tumour last month. Cameron's older brother James and his mother Dianne detailed the crisis they were swept into, as James wrote: "We need all the love and prayers we can as my brother recovers from surgery. "They had to remove a growth in his pituitary gland which is located right under the brain, and has apparently been growing for the past ten years." James said Cameron had gone through a nine-hour surgery, but still 'managed to crack a laugh'. Dianne, Mark's first wife, wrote on Facebook late last month: "A new day. What we take for granted saying the simple words I love you came from Cameron's lips today. I am feeling so blessed. My heart filled with love and joy." Following his recent return home following surgery, she added on December 2: "Cameron's doing much better, he's going to be absolutely perfect. "He is going to have some recovery time, but it won't be very long." Mark, 54 is dubbed the father of reality TV, having brought hit shows including The Apprentice, Survivor, The Voice to TV screens. Cameron and James are sons from his first marriage. Read the full story.  
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