TripAdvisor-style website to help learning-disabled children

The website aims to help parents find suitable activities for their children.

SENDirect, a review website launched in the UK, has been developed to help families with children who have special educational needs (SEND) access the services they require. The new website allows visitors to search by postcode, price range and age suitability, for everything from health services, to specialist equipment, to childcare. Family activities come under the category "fun stuff". Users can rate each service based on their experience, which will then be visible for all to read. Stan Palmer, 12 has Down's Syndrome. His dad, Steve explains the current difficulty of knowing what activities are right. He says activities don't advertise that they're inclusive, even if they are, which creates uncertainty. He currently finds out about inclusive leisure activities for his son in a "very ad hoc" manner via other parents of SEND children, or on social media. The website was established with the support of the UK's leading disability charities. Visit SENDirect.
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