Top Gear star backs brain injury books

Richard Hammond has described the books as a colourful way for families touched by brain injury to explore the issues.

The BBC presenter suffered a serious brain injury himself when he was involved in a high speed car crash.
Richard hammond recording our audiobook
Richard Hammond in the studio
Talking about the creation of the publications, which includes a parents' handbook and two children's books, Richard said: "This is a wonderful, colourful way for families touched by brain injury to explore the issues they may face."   The children's books are aimed at different age groups and are designed to empower children and help them in their rehabilitation journey after sustaining a brain injury. They have also been designed to encourage empathy among all youngsters towards other children or siblings who may be living with a brain injury.
Our publications
Heads Up, Tim-Tron explains acquired brain injury (ABI) to young readers of primary school age, through the story of a mischievous little robot, who bumps his head whilst playing.   The book was created by The Children's Trust and its editorial manager Ian Ray, who also leads on the Brain Injury Hub. Because of his bump, one of Tim-Tron's circuit boards stops working and he has to discover new routines and ways of doing things in life. The book, which is accompanied by Richard Hammond's audio-book, won the prestigious United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum innovation award and has already earned enthusiastic reviews for its clever portrayal of brain injury. It was also chosen as The Book Trust's Bookmark Book of the Month. Medikidz: What's up with Tamara? is aimed at slightly older children and teenagers. The comic book has been based around a real teenager, dealing with ABI. Readers follow superhero, Tamara as she is whisked off to Mediland for an encounter with Medikidz. Acquired brain injury in children: a parents' handbook is aimed at parents of children who have had ABI. The publications have been developed by the Children's Trust, of which Richard is Vice President. Click here to order the books.
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