Tommy’s story

A new television advert on childhood brain injury tells the real-life story of two-year-old, Tommy who fell 50ft from a balcony on to concrete while on holiday. 

It shows footage of the youngster before and after his accident and his progression through rehabilitation where he relearned to walk and talk. There will also be a special Christmas version aring with a few special additions.  The ad is going to be on air from the 8-31 December. It will be featured on a variety of TV stations during the day including ITV3, ITV4 and E4. It can also be seen on Channel 5 (London area) or on ITV1 on Christmas Day before the afternoon movie (Meridian region).  Tommy received his rehabilitation at the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury, The Children's Trust. The advert will be shown on several television channels throughout the UK. It aims to encourage people to make a donation to the charity so that they can continue to provide the best services possible to children in a similar situation as Tommy. Watch the video.
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