Tommy is healing everyday

Tommy was two when he fell from a 50ft balcony in 2007.

His mum, Tina, has written this recent update abut her son, now ten.

It details how Tommy has improved in the last eight years, how he manages some of the remaining effects of his brian injury and his love of music.

By Tina Osmond  We have been very blessed to continue to see progress in Tommy’s healing every day. After we left The Children’s Trust, where he was receiving rehabilitation, our family used every thing we did as a lesson; therapy for Tommy- from playing with Legos to baking cookies and cakes. At 10 years old, he loves to dress up, play on the computer, write stories and draw. Most recently he took up the Ukele – which has been phenomenal for the left-sided weakness which continues to improve since the accident. For many years Tommy struggled to keep up with peers on the school playground and in the classroom – but he never gave up. In the past two years Tommy has made many strides and now runs, jumps and plays with all of his friends. Though he often prefers a good game of cops and robbers. In school he achieved straight As on his report card this term, but he’ll tell you he got one A-. The school is working on a Chromebook for dictation – and while Tommy can type, his handwriting still outpaces his typing. Besides, he doesn’t want to appear too different from his classmates.He still receives Physio and OT in school once a week and he has a one-to-one aide who helps him transcribe his thoughts when he just gets too fatigued to write. She tells us he is writing more and more on his own every day.
Tommy with his brother Jack
Tommy’s speech is nearly perfect though sometimes a bit slower and he sometimes needs extra time to formulate his thoughts. That doesn’t stop him from singing in a band with his brother Jack who is accompanying on guitar. They have rocked the town talent show for the past 2 years and will do it again this January 2016. I don’t know if we make it sound easy but it has been many years of trying to stay positive despite the struggles and that is NOT easy. When you know your child has so much more to offer but his brain injury is holding him back – that can be very painful. Thankfully we continue to see progress which keeps us going. Tommy’s determination cannot be matched. We carry the expertise and love of the professionals and staff at The Children’s Trust every day and we could not have come this far with out them.
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