Through My Eyes... it's a whole different world

17-year-old Alfie Fox has created this enlightening video for the UKABIF film awards highlighting how brain injury has affected his vision.
Alfie sustained a brain injury when he was just two days old due to neonatal hypoglyceamia, low blood sugar levels, which resulted in permenant damage to his occipital lobes, the part of our brain responsible for vision. Alfie's brain injury has left him with cerebral palsy, audio processing and sensory disorder, speech and language needs, epilepsy and cortical visual impairment (CVI).  CVI is a visual impairment caused by the way the brain processes the messages it recieves from the eyes rather than a problem with the eyes themselves. Alfie decided to create his video about CVI to give people an insight into how he sees the world and to raise awareness of how people can help someone with CVI. We wish Alfie lots of luck at the UKABIF awards and hope his video gives everyone a better insight into a hidden and often overlooked aspect of brain injury.  You can also find more information about visiual problems after brain injury here.
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