The New Me

Hugh Smith, from Wiltshire, was celebrating his 21st birthday when he fell and was left with a brain injury.

Hugh has now written a book entitled ‘The New Me: My Journey back from Traumatic brain Injury’ which details his journey and experiences.

Book cover of The New Me Hugh explains: “whilst out celebrating my 21st birthday, I fell backwards from a friend’s back onto a cobbled street. When asked what his thoughts were when he was given the news, Hugh said: “determination to live the most successful life I could achieve with the adversity I faced. As well as acceptance of the situation I was in as it was only due to me. “For months there seemed to be no way back from this near-death experience. It was impossible to know it, but despite everyday adversity and against professional opinion, I did pull through. My book 'The New Me' describes the emotional journey I went on and the progress I made in all walks of life with the key attribute...belief.” Hugh’s advice to others in a similar situation is: “never give up, you are not alone.” Find out more about his journey on his website here. Hugh Smith
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