The First International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury

Over the next three days more than 400 people are expected to attend the first ever international conference on paediatric acquired brain injury in Liverpool.

liverpool conference
The conference- being held by the International Paediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS) and the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) -  is going to be focusing on ‘supporting young people and their families to maximise good outcomes and quality of life’. The conference will focus on a wide range of topics including: 
  • The patterns, causes, and effects of acquired brain injuries in children and adolescents from a world health care perspective.
  • Evidenced-based research regarding the nature and benefits of medical, clinical and educational treatment of acquired brain injuries in children and adolescents.
  • The varied causes of acquired brain injuries in childhood, including medical conditions and non-accidental traumatic injuries.
  • Development of ways to support families affected by paediatric acquired brain injuries.
  • Innovative systems, services and ways of supporting children and adolescents with acquired brain injuries and their families.
  • How to better recognise, manage and treat mild traumatic brain injury and concussions in children and adolescents. 
Many professionals from The Children's Trust will be attending the conference both as delegates as well as to present research posters.  In addition to posters two members of staff from The Children's Trust will be presenting at the conference.  This afternoon (Wednesday 16 September) Dr Jenny Jim will be talking as a guest speaker about family resilience after acquired brain injury (ABI). On Thursday Occupational Therapist Lorna Wales will be presenting on a research project which we have been involved in looking at the information needs for children and youth with acquired brain injury.  You can find out more about this project in our recent blog. On Friday Lorna will be presenting again, this time on her own work on ‘self-awareness following Traumatic Brain Injury’. To find out more about the work being presented by The Children's Trust during the conference visit their research page here.
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