Teenager who beat a brain tumour sets her sights on Cambridge University

A teenager who beat a brain tumour has set her sights on Cambridge University after achieving a string of top grades.
Lauren receiving her results
Lauren Pratt received A-level A* grades in business studies, English language and media studies at the John Cabot Academy in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire. At 12 she underwent brain surgery and initially returned to her school in a wheelchair, which made her even more determined to succeed. The 18-year-old, from Hanham, near Bristol, is flying to China on Friday to begin a gap year teaching English for five months before travelling around Asia. Lauren said she had done better than she expected and said she planned to apply to Cambridge to read linguistics. "I just cannot believe it. I had to double-check my results in case my eyes were deceiving me and it was all a mirage," she said. "I still can't believe it. It's a weird feeling, I'm still amazed and it hasn't sunk in yet." Describing her operation, she said: "I underwent 10-hour surgery to remove the tumour and that left me with lasting effects. "I can't write and I had to use a laptop in my exams and my thought processes are slower, so I need extra time. "I have a really bad memory and I used prompt cards and read them over and over again. "I had about 80 cards in total and read them three or four times a day. I was also writing four or five essays a week on past exam questions." The teenager added: "I was just really motivated to do well. When I first had my tumour and I came back to school I was in a wheelchair and only there part-time. "The school was talking about keeping me back a year but I was determined not to fall behind and that gave me an added drive to succeed. "I wanted to make everyone proud and that was my motivation to do really well." The teenager said she would be celebrating her results but would not be going over the top as she has to be at Heathrow Airport on Friday morning. "I will probably have a few but I won't be going crazy or I might miss my flight," she said. "I am leaving tomorrow to go and teach English in China for five months and then to do some back packing around Asia for a bit afterwards. "I am then going to come back and do a linguistics degree at university. Now I have my grades I don't know what to do. "I think I will apply to Cambridge next year. We'll see what happens."
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