Teenager walks 57 miles carrying disabled brother

Hunter Gandee, 15, wanted to raise awareness for cerebral palsy and completed the trek through Michigan with brother Braden, eight, strapped to his back the whole way.

 Braden who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk without assistance, was harnessed  to his brother during the 57 mile trek. As the pair arrived at the finishing line at University of Michigan's Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Hunter said he had experienced a "burst of energy" towards the end of the race, despite being "pretty sore". "It was great to see everyone there ... [Braden] was excited, not only that we were done finally, but everyone was there cheering him on.," he said. The brothers were joined by friends and family during the walk - dubbed the 'Cerebral Palsy Swagger'. Click here to read more. 
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