Teenage girl’s campaign to change the law after suffering severe brain injury

Miriam Parker was a thriving student when a driver sped through a red light on New Year’s day and hit her, leaving her close to death. 

The catastrophic accident meant the now 18-year-old's dreams of going to university to study nursing this year were shattered. She spent a month in intensive care, underwent five major operations and had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat following last year's accident. Miriam now lives in her Surrey home, where she is supported by her family and still receives hours of therapy for her brain injury each week. She still has some paralysis in her left hand and her right arm is numb in parts. Amin Aminullah was found guilty of 'driving without due care and attention' and was given what the family feel is a trivial punishment- a four-year driving ban and a £1,400 fine. The family has now launched an e-petition to have the law amended so that the seriousness of cases such as Miriam's can be reflected in sentencing. Her mum, Davina explains that a gap in the law means that magistrates were unable to impose a tougher sentence: "We were advised there was no provision in the law for a tougher sentence that might make others drive more responsibly. "We feel we must now campaign for a change in the law to help others in our situation." Miriam admits that although she feels she has been left behind and misses her friends at university, she is determined to get the best grades she can. Read the full story.
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