Talking to school children about brain injury

It’s Volunteers’ Week – so we caught up with Marjorie Harris who visits schools to raise awareness of brain injury.

Marjorie Harris
  I’ve been a volunteer at The Children’s Trust for over 12 years and my role involves visiting schools. I contact schools local to The Children’s Trust to arrange an assembly then go in and talk to Primary and Senior school pupils about the work of the charity.  I create a presentation with video links to show case studies and photographs of children and families who are at, or have been at, The Children’s Trust. I explain how the work of the physiotherapists and trained therapy workers help young people slowly regain the use of muscles and faculties which through brain injury have been damaged.

Talking to children

In my role I show and tell young people how easy it is to have an accident and suffer brain injury. I want them to know more about The Children’s Trust and how they can fundraise to help others. My hope is that I leave the children in the school more aware of brain injury and wanting to find out more or visit the Children Trust shops or site on an event day. The information I share is often new to children as they are young and most have never experienced a serious illness or injury. I also help to organise a special School Recognition Day where we thank schools for their support. Schools are invited to spend an afternoon taking part in activities, and we show them first-hand the work of The Children’s Trust. We also hold two regional concerts where talented musicians perform from a variety of schools. All funds raised on those days go to The Children’s Trust.

What made you volunteer for The Children’s Trust?

I had four healthy children and felt I wanted to give something back to the local community. I had heard of the work done by those at The Children’s Trust and wanted to make my own contribution. In the school holidays when I was not as busy (as Headteacher of Sutton High Junior School) I decided to help The Children’s Trust’s Fundraising department by researching local schools who may be able to raise funds through charity work. I very much enjoy contacting a wide range of Senior and Primary schools in the South East area to tell them about the amazing work which is done at the Children’s Trust. I always hope that I will inspire them to want to help others less fortunate than themselves by taking action and being part of a fundraising initiative.

Volunteers’ Week takes place from 1-7 June every year. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has tips for becoming a volunteer here.

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