Survivor desribes the hidden effects of brain injury

Stephen Woodiwiss doesn't recall the crash which happened while he was competing in a motorbike race.

The father-of-two was the driver in a motorbike and sidecar race when it was involved in an accident. Stephen doesn't matter being thrown into the air or the bike hitting him. Despite other breaks and injuries, he says the brain injury was the most severe. "I could not remember anything which happened that day. I found it took me longer to do things," he said. "My long-term memory is not too bad. I can remember what I did years ago, but my short–term memory is a real problem.'' The accident, which happened four years ago, has also resulted in extreme fatigue for Stephen, a lack of concentration and points of reference. He has had to relearn how to do things, such as using the washing machine and now uses strategies to overcome the hidden effects of his brain injury. Read the full story here.  
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