Super Bowl overshadowed by NFL brain injury

In what is the biggest day in US sports, a player sustains 'brutal blow' to the head.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Cliff Avril lay motionless on the field during the game against the Patriots on Sunday (1 January). He was able to walk off the pitch by himself and later went to the locker room for assessment. The game is a popular fixture in the sporting calendar and claims international appeal, with this year's half-time performers including Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. However in recent times in has been referred to as 'concussion carnival' and a 'Big Day for Brain Damage.' The NFL's owns study last year estimated that nearly 30% of former players will end up with long-term cognitive ailments. The league has now agreed to pay up to $5 million to former players developing neurological impairment in a settlement after thousands of former players brought forward a lawsuit. Super Bowl champion, Leonard Marshall has teamed up with the lawyer who first sued the NFL over concussions to form an educational road show on how to avoid and treat head injuries in sports. Read more about post concussion sydrome. 
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