"Such a wonderful legacy for our beautiful boy. He would have been honoured."

Cameron's proud father talks of landmark victory for many sick children and their families.

This month (July 2015) the Mathieson family made history as it was ruled that taking benefit payments from their son Cameron was a violation; a ruling which will help many families fight their own cases. 

We were delighted to join Cameron's dad, Craig and Cameron's brother, Ben and gardndfather, James on the judgment day. It was victorious day, tinged with poignancy and remembering a very special boy. 

This is what Craig had to say, following the hearing. 

We are grateful to the Supreme Court for such a wonderful legacy for our beautiful boy. He would have been honoured that so many people will benefit from him having been here. This has very much been a team effort and who would never have been possible without the tireless dedication of Mitchell Wolf at Scott-Moncrieff and associates, and Steve Broach, Jude Butting and Ian Wise QC from Monckton Chambers. Their hard work and integrity is truly humbling and their support means more than I can say. We are also indebted to Contact a Family and The Children's Trust without whose evidence we could not have shown Cameron's case was the rule rather than the exception. Their work for families is fuelled by the most incredible energy and dedication. As a family we are delighted and humbled that because of our little boy so many like him are a step closer to being treated fairly according to the reality of their situation. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. To read more on the case, click here. 
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