Strides of improvement for Coco

Coco was six when she suffered a brain injury from a massive stroke on Easter Friday 2015.  

She lost the ability to walk and talk and spent seven months receiving intensive rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. 

Her mum, Victoria, has written this touching blog on the joys of watching Coco’s progress, her playing with her brother again and their first family holiday since Coco’s brain injury.

  By Victoria Beatson Since leaving The Children’s Trust at the end of January 2016 Coco has continued to improve tremendously. She currently attends The London School for Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP) who have been amazing in their understanding of acquired brain injury. It is a small school of only 10 pupils so it is an ideal environment for Coco to concentrate on learning and they are meeting all her physical needs too through conductive education. She is also beginning to visit her old mainstream primary school where she will have a dual placement with LCCCP, so she can be surrounded by her friends again.
Coco's younger brother Harley is especially excited having Coco back home. It really is the most wonderful thing to watch them playing together again. Her communication improves each day and they are now having proper little chats with each other. We had our first holiday since Coco's stroke in Norfolk. The photo below shows her walking on the beach for the first time in nearly a year! We want to thanks to everyone that worked with Coco at The Children’s Trust. When we arrived she wasn't able to eat, talk or walk and just look at her now! Coco will face huge challenges each and everyday but she continues to bravely smile through all her difficulties. Our family, including Coco are taking part in a 5K walk to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. To find out more click here.
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