Special education needs reforms take effect

Reforms that aim to give children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) and their parents a greater say in the support they receive have come into effect in England.

education SEN special educational needsUnder the new system stretching from birth to age 25, "education, health and care plans" replace special needs statements. The government said it was "a landmark moment" for children with SEN. Parents can now express a preference for a greater range of schools. Until now, parents of a child with special educational needs had to ask the local education authority to complete an assessment. The most severe cases received a special needs statement, a formal document outlining the child's learning difficulties and support to be given, which was enforceable by law. The new system incorporates health and care needs alongside educational ones, with an individual worker and single budget for each family. The changes were set out in the Children and Families Act, which became law in March. Read more about the changes. 
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