Snowboarder on his brain injury

World Champion snowboarder Kevin Pierce was a strong contender to win gold in the Vancouver Olympics when an accident changed his life.

A botched trick attempt in 2009 left Pearce in a week-long coma and in critical care for 27 days. His journey from Olympic dreams to recovering from his brain injury was documented in the film The Crash Reel. In an interview for HuffPost Live this month he spoke of how his life suddenly changed: "I had to learn how to talk and walk and swallow and eat and do everything all over again. "I was one of the best in the world at competitive snowboarding, and to be one of the best in the world and then be dropped down and you know, not even to be able to walk anymore. It was so crazy how quickly this happened. And how such a huge shift in my life had to happen so drastically, so quickly." Since his accident Pearce has campaigned d to raise awareness about brain injury. Although he doesn’t compete any longer, Pearce still enjoys snowboarding. “My brain is much different now, in the sense that it doesn't have the same ability to take the hard hits that it once did. So I have to be very careful now," he said. Watch the interview
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