Sniper with a brain injury "to be discharged from SAS"

It is being reported that Sgt Danny Nightingale – the SAS sniper whose conviction for possessing an illegal firearm was overturned earlier this month – is being discharged from the army because of his brain injury. Sgt Nightingale’s story has had a number of twists since he was originally arrested for possessing a pistol he’d said was a gift from Iraqi soldiers he had trained.  He has maintained that a brain injury he suffered while running a gruelling charity run in the Amazon basin left him unable to recollect the circumstances of his possession of the weapon.  The 38-year-old was sentenced to 18 months in military detention, but his conviction was overturned.  Sgt Nightingale now faces a court martial, and The Telegraph reports this week (February 25th) that his brain injury – which gives him severe headaches and difficulty sleeping – has seen him downgraded to non-operational status. What do you think? Does Sgt Nightingale’s story highlight the lack of awareness around brain injury?  Start a conversation on our forum. Read the full story in The Telegraph.  
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