'Silent epidemic' of brain injury caused by sports

Rugby stars and experts warn of the need for action to tackle long-term brain injury caused by concussion.

Sportsmen and experts including Barry O'Driscoll, the former medical adviser to the International Rugby Board, have warned of the dangers of head injuries in the documentary, Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis. O'Driscoll, who resigned from the IRB medical advisory board two years ago in protest at its handling of head injuries, cites the treatment of his own nephew, Brian O'Driscoll, as evidence of the problem. The Ireland Rugby star was allowed to return to the pitch after suffering concussion during a match last year. "If that had been allowed in the United States, during an American football match, then the officials involved would have been sacked," he says in the documentary. Speaking at the film premiere last week, Alex Corbisiero, the England and Lions player, said the game's protocols for dealing with concussion were "laughable". Read the full story.
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