Signs of childhood brain injury infographic

Moore Blatch Resolve, specialist child brain injury compensation claim solicitors have created this great infographic highlighting the symptoms of mild to severe brain injuries in children. 

Childhood brain injury infographic
This easily shared and printed document can be placed on the fridge at home or in the classroom as a reference point to detect when children have suffered an injury which could be serious.   Understanding the difference between a mild and severe brain injury can mean the difference between life and death for your child. Any parent or teacher will agree that children seem to get bumps and bruises constantly as they’re growing up, and thankfully most of these little injuries can be shrugged off, but sometimes a major head trauma can be disguised or even mistaken as minor a bump to the head. It’s vital that parents and guardians are able to spot the signs and symptoms of a brain injury as detecting them early on can reduce the potential of retaining lifelong injuries.  The sooner the symptoms are spotted and your child receives medical attention the better the result.  Moore Blatch Resolve is hoping to build awareness of the symptoms associated with brain injuries in children as they can differ from those associated with adults. The specialist brain injury solicitors have been supporting families who have been affected by a brain injury including cerebral palsy for over 30 years and want parents to be able to spot the signs and symptoms as soon as possible. Information has been sourced from the NHS website and Headway UK. For more information on child brain injury symptoms click here.
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