Siblings share their views on brain injury book Tim Tron

A group of siblings have given the thumbs up to an illustrated children’s book about brain injury.

  The three nine- to ten- year olds, Callum, Maddison and Paige, met up to discuss Tim Tron, a book about a robot who bangs his head at football then goes to hospital when he starts getting muddled and tired. The siblings each have a brother or sister staying at The Children’s Trust. Two of the group had first read the book at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where their siblings were treated for their brain injury before moving to The Children’s Trust for rehabilitation. “I’d seen this book in hospital when my brother was there and I read it and liked it”, said Callum. Maddison added: “I think the drawings are fun and I like the story as the robot acts just like a boy.”

Understanding more about brain injury

Paige explained the parts of the book that helped her understand more about her sister’s brain injury. “My sister hit her head and she’s always tired – and that’s exactly like Tim Tron," said Paige. “I like the way the book says the robot has ‘a low battery level’ when he’s tired and Tim Tron had to learn things again, just like my sister.” One of Maddison and Paige’s favourite parts of the book is when Tim Tron plays tricks on his sibling as it’s funny and that’s what they like to do. Maddison said: “I also found the pages about the scanning machine useful as my brother had loads of MRI scans to see if his brain had stopped swelling.” Paige agreed that the pictures of the inside of the MRI machine were helpful and both Paige and Callum like the picture where the robot’s brain is like a broken circuit board. “The drawing is like a human brain so this helped me understand“, said Callum. Paige added: “I found it helpful when the doctor says in the book ‘one of your circuit boards stopped working when you hit your head’.”

The verdict

The children all gave Tim Tron 4 or 4.5 stars out of 5. Two of the siblings had drawn a picture of Tim Tron and announced they are writing a similar story with new characters, perhaps with the main character as a girl (this was still under debate!). The Children’s Trust and are very grateful for the time Callum, Maddison and Paige spent reviewing the book – and for their extremely useful insight. Tim Tron is produced by The Children’s Trust and can be ordered here for the cost of postage. There are also other books available to order.
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