Secret filming highlights poor care of brain injury victims

The footage, revealed on BBC’s Newsnight, shows examples of patient neglect and ignored safety procedures.

Incidents include a healthcare worker cleaning a feeding and medicine tube with a pen nib and one patient marked as nil-by-mouth being given drinks. NHS England told the BBC it is working to improve specialist rehabilitation for patients with such complex needs. However, one leading expert told Newsnight that some patients were not recovering as fully as they might because of these problems with their care. Professor Michael Barnes, a specialist in neurological rehabilitation medicine who chairs the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum, said: "There are some very good rehabilitation centres in this country, but equally I'm afraid there are units in this country that really don't provide proper co-ordinated rehabilitation at all. "And yet that's what they are called. And that, I think, is a sad reflection and something needs to be done about that." Read more at BBC News.
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