Scottish Parliament to review ‘leniency’ for criminals with brain injury

Members of Scottish Parliament are to consider whether violent criminals who have previously suffered a brain injury should have this taken into account by the justice system.

The justice committee is to take evidence on the issue after research by Glasgow University identified a link between crime and brain damage. One in five killers is believed to have suffered a blow to the head. However, there are concerns that some could manipulate any change in guidelines to secure a lighter sentence. Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: "Analysing possible links between head injuries and crime is certainly a worthwhile exercise. "But we would prefer that any evidence gathered could be used in a preventative way rather than in mitigation." The research carried out by the University of Glasgow has found a "significant association" between head injury and alcohol use, social deprivation and crime. It called for more research into the link between head injury and crime, with a need to provide education and training about head injuries to NHS services and prisoners. Read the full story.
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