Scottish mum upset at lack of services for brain injury victims

Lauren Millman,19, suffered brain injury after a suicide attempt.

Gillian and Rob Millman from Arbroath said their daughter Lauren has effectively been left in limbo after returning home from hospital. Lauren was left in a vegetative state after a failed suicide attempt in 2013 and had been undergoing a pioneering brain injury assessment at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in Putney. Sadly, the results of Lauren’s assessment advised that she will remain in a permanent vegetative state and she was discharged from hospital in March. Medics said they would reassess her if there are any changes but a lack of similar facilities in Scotland mean she is not getting the stimulation she needs. Gillian said: “We have been unable to access any services that would provide Lauren with the sensory stimulation that Putney thought she would benefit from. “Lochlands Adult Resources Centre in Arbroath was recommended as Lauren would have access to things like light therapy, music therapy, massage and hydrotherapy. “However, the decision has been made that Lauren is deemed not suitable as she has not had a learning disability from birth. “There are a few day care centres in the area, all with the facilities we need to access, but Lauren does not meet any of the criteria. Although Lochlands is run by Angus Council, Gillian believes it is a much wider issue and feels there is a real lack of services available for people with brain injuries. “There seems to be plenty of services out there for people with learning disabilities but nothing for people with brain injuries. “There is also a lack of services or facilities generally for younger adults and people under 65.” Angus Council said it is “unable to comment on individual cases”.
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