Ryan's continuing journey of rehabilitation

Last week marked the second year since the 'Blonde Warrior's' accident.

The Brain Injury Hub team got the opportunity to catch up with the 18-year-old and his family when they visited The Children's Trust, where he recieved rehabilitation.  You can read Ryan's story here.  It really was remarkable to see the ongoing improvement of Ryan who is from Lincolnshire. When we first met Ryan in 2013, he struggled to speak even a few words and wasn't very mobile. By the time he left The Children's Trust he had improved tremendously; speaking more and gaining strength.   Last week he spoke with us in great detail; about his team of carers, his new tatoos and his hope for the future.  He caught up with the staff that were involved in his care and also joined in a game of basketball.  Well done to Ryan and the family and thank you for allowing us to share you regular updates. 
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