Road safety highlighted in Be Seen, Not Hurt campaign

Be Seen, Not Hurt is the message for the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) Glow Day on Friday.

The charity is asking for people to wear their brightest clothes to highlight road safety. CBIT said: “Every year, hundreds of children in the UK suffer a life changing brain injury on our roads. This could be caused by being involved in a road traffic collision, bike or scooter accidents and much more. “That’s why whether they’re holding a parent’s hand, scooting on ahead or walking or cycling on their own, it’s vitally important that children (and adults too!), stay safe, especially as the nights draw in and the clocks go back.” The charity said a UK study of head injuries in children found that of hospital admissions through head injury in a six month period, 392 were related to motor vehicle accidents. Of those children the majority (70%) were pedestrians, just under 9% were cyclists and a further 21% were in the vehicle at the time. The study, carried out in winter, also revealed that the peak time for accidents was between 4pm and 8pm in the evening. The 2017 Glow Day takes place on 3 November, following the end of British Summer Time. The charity visits schools as part of this prevention campaign. CBIT has also produced a Glow Day pack for schools and groups. This includes activities for children, such as making a jelly brain and running an egg helmet demonstration, and a road safety quiz.
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