Richard Hammond backs children’s brain injury campaign, #7Days7Ways

Richard Hammond has written an open letter urging people to get involved in an initiative aimed at helping children with brain injury.

The Children’s Trust's have launched the theme of #7Days7Ways to run alongside Action for Brain Injury Week (18-24 May).

Read the TV presenter's letter about it below.

Dear Reader, I would like to invite you to help me raise awareness of an upcoming campaign which is very close to my heart. As part of Action for Brain Injury Week 2015 (18-24 May), The Children’s Trust, of which I am an ambassador, is running the #7Days7Ways campaign.

The idea is to do something during the week to help children who have brain injury; from spreading awareness through social media to taking on a fundraising challenge.

My own experience of brain injury has been widely reported, but childhood brain injury is more common than you might think. The causes include road accidents, falls or illnesses, and can often mean a loss of skills such as walking and talking.

Even a ‘mild’ injury from a bump on the head can have lasting effects such as memory problems, behavioural changes and fatigue.

The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for childhood brain injury, does a great job at supporting children and their families.

During my visits there I have witnessed the expertise and sheer dedication of highly-trained staff. I have seen the incredible support given to families as their children make precious steps in their journey towards the best recovery possible.

The charity also provides support through a vital online resource, the Brain Injury Hub which offers practical support, tips and strategies to families.

Please get involved in our campaign in some way. By sharing #7Days7Ways on your Facebook and Twitter pages, you are helping raise awareness of a very important issue that can change a child’s life.

To find out more about how you can help us with the campaign please visit:

Thank you

Richard Hammond, television presenter
On behalf of The Children’s Trust
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