Richard Branson helps Geraint fulfil his dreams

Before suffering a brain injury as a result of an asthma attack, the youngster had always dreamed of being a pilot. 

Watch the video of his experience by clicking the image below.

Geraint and his family who are from Wales, were invited to Heathrow Airport by Virgin Atlantic for a special experience.  The 13-year-old met one of the pilots and crew members, visited the control tower and went aboard an aircraft to sit in the cockpit. You can read Geraint's full story here.  The experience was made possible through Text Santa and Make-a-Wish charity. Since then Geraint's story appeared on Text Santa's appeal show on Friday 18 December, where he and his family met celebrities. Geraint met Ollie Murs which he was particularly happy about.  Richard Branson has also shared Geraint's story on his blog. 
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