'Revolving door' of assessments for people with ABI

People with brain injuries are trapped in a ‘revolving door’ of assessments for benefits, say campaigners. Adult brain injury charity Headway says many with brain injuries are failing the Government’s new benefits assessments because the questions asked are not probing enough. The Department for Work and Pensions says the new assessments help people avoid a life on benefits, but the debate cuts right to the heart of issues around brain injury – often called “the hidden disability”. Some people have had their benefits reinstated on appeal, while others have had benefits removed and reinstated three times in two years. Anyone claiming benefits for a disability now has regular assessments to judge their capability for work. But Headway project manager Simon Glen says the assessments miss key effects of ABI. "Problems with memory, planning or concentration are all hidden but they really affect your life. "If you don't remember how to get somewhere, where you are, or who people are, that really affects your life. Read the full story at the BBC.
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