Reshaping clothing for children with additional needs

In our latest blog we look at Claudia's inspiration for founding  ‘CAPR-Style’ which creates adaptive clothing for children and young adults with additional needs.

Claudia and Christian Mother of three, Claudia was tired of the daily struggle to dress her youngest son, Christian.  Christian, now five, was born with DOOR syndrome, a rare condition that makes him fully dependent on Claudia and the rest of his family.  For any mother trying to get three boys dressed and ready for school, mornings can be stressful and for Claudia the task of dressing Christian made it even harder. Christian has limited motor control and often has stiff limbs that makes dressing challenging  Like any parent of a child with additional support needs, Claudia  found herself using jogging bottoms and loose fitting clothing regularly. Frustrated by the limited choice for Christian whilst his brothers had so many clothing options she decided something had to change. Teaming up with a friend that has experience of those with additional needs and a history in clothing design, they began to collaborate on redesigning traditional clothing.  Mindful of the requirements of children with additional needs, the pair created designs with discreet adaptive features but which still offered the appearance of traditional clothing. One example of this is that Claudia found dressing Christian in the mornings and changing him throughout the day very difficult and time consuming.  This is made easier by trousers developed to have a hidden inside leg opening. The open trousers can be placed flat underneath Christian and then wrapped around him and secured with snap fasteners. The speed at which he can be dressed is dramatically reduced and it also puts both Claudia and Christian at less risk of injury as it reduces the amount of handling of Christian. The clothing comes in a range of styles and materials and this has brought Claudia great joy. She can dress her son to whichever style suits the occasion and in a way that he will be dressed like other little boys his age. After she began to use the clothing she received a great response from the nurses and carers that worked with Christian and was encouraged to keep developing the idea.  She has now founded her own business ‘CAPR-Style’ that creates adaptive clothing for children and young adults to try to bring them and their carers a better quality of life. CAPR-Style takes its name from Christian’s initials as it was him who was the inspiration and drive that lead to her business’s creation If you would like to find out more about Claudia or CAPR-Style check out their website here or email Claudia has, as all mothers have, a drive to do the best for her children.  She is now able to help other families like her own because of the passion that she holds.
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