Researcher seeks parents and carers to interview

A research project is underway to explore the experience that parents and carers have of clinicians during their child’s rehabilitation from acquired brain injury (ABI).

  Graduate Diploma student in psychology, Emma Mallinder, is keen to understand the rehabilitation experience from the family’s point of view. She aims to become a neuropsychologist, helping people with ABI, and is looking for parents or carers of a child with an ABI to talk about their experience. Emma said: “My aim is to give a voice to parents and carers. This will potentially provide the medical community with more insight into parents' and carers' experiences and perhaps provide recommendations for enhancements or changes.” Participants will attend a one-to-one interview, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, in which their experiences of interactions with rehabilitation clinicians will be explored. The questions will be open-ended and there will be no pressure to talk about any subject a parent or carer may be uncomfortable with. For more information please contact Emma on For any queries, email Emma or her research supervisor Dr Zoë Boden at
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