Research into Paediatric Cerebral Palsy

The Research House is conducting a nationwide study on Paediatric Cerebral Palsy. They are looking to speak with Caregivers by conducting a one hour telephone interview with them and as a token of appreciation they are offering an honoraria of up to £100. If you are interested in being involved you can get in touch with us them directly by calling 020 7487 9226. The research is focusing on what it is like to care for a child living with Cerebral Palsy.  They will also be looking to find out from caregivers what they feel can be done to improve the treatment and care the child can receive. There will be a particular focus on the nutritional and emotional management of these children and their caregivers. They will only be speaking to the caregivers and not the child suffering from Cerebral Palsy. They want to understand the patient journey with particular emphasis on aspects of nutrition in children with a view to developing a product that addresses these needs. Participants will remain anonymous and their responses will be treated as confidential at all times. No one will attempt to sell or promote any products during or following participation in this research.
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