Research into flu in children with disabilities

Researchers at the University of Oxford are working on a new section for , a website about people’s real experiences of health and illness and they need your help.  The new section will be looking at the experiences of parents and carers of children with long-term medical conditions or disabilities who have been ill with flu-like illness.

Are you a parent or carer of a child with a long-term medical condition or disability who has been ill with a flu-like illness?

Do you want to share your experiences to help others?

They would love to hear from you if you are a parent of a child who:
  • is 12 and under
  • has been ill with a flu-like illness
  • has a long-term health condition or disability
Taking part would involve being interviewed about your experiences of your child being ill with a flu-like illness, including managing the illness, consulting the doctor, the impact on the family and the family’s information and support needs. The aim of the research is to create an information resource that can help others who might be in a similar situation. We also hope it will be used to improve health professionals’ understanding and support for parents and families. For more information, please contact researcher Ulla, by email or phone 01865 289328.
This is part of a bigger programme known as the ARCHIE project – looking at the The early use of Antibiotics for 'at Risk' CHildren with InfluEnza. Flu is a viral infection which usually causes mild symptoms like cough and fever. Children with underlying conditions who develop flu are at greater risk of becoming unwell from further infections than otherwise healthy children. The ARCHIE Programme will investigate five aspects of the early use of antibiotics in 'at risk' children with flu. You can find out more about the programme here.
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